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This complete online guide provides recommendations for your vehicles AMSOIL full line of superior car care products include: synthetic oil, motor oil, gear oil, diesel oil, oil filters, air filters (index), 2 cycle oil, 4 cycle oil, motorcycle oil, industrial lubricants, transmission fluid, compressor oil, hydraulic oil, synthetic grease, propylene glycol antifreeze, synthetic gear lube, bypass filter, fuel/water separator, engine flush and other truck, marine, powersports, racing and car care products.


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AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils Save You Money!
Motor Oil Cost Comparison:

Tnow the Facts
AMSOIL Saves You Money!

AMSOIL extended drain intervals mean fewer oil changes,
long term savings and convenience

No doubt about it, a quart of AMSOIL costs more than a quart of most other oils on the market. What justifies that high price? Does AMSOIL really cost more to use?

With lubricants, you get what you pay for. Low-cost oils are formulated with low-cost, low-quality materials and marketed specifically on their low price. The problem with most low-cost, low-quality lubricants is that they can’t maintain their original performance very long once they are exposed to the harsh environment of the engine or other lubricated systems. They break down, lose their ability to protect, and worse yet, contribute to component degradation by producing sludge, acids and other performance-robbing substances.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are performance-formulated, not cost-formulated. In fact, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants often contain materials that other oil makers don’t include in their formulations simply because of cost considerations. But the AMSOIL emphasis on product quality pays off for the customer with longer-lasting, better-performing cars, equipment and lubricants. In fact, AMSOIL users who extend their lubricant drain intervals actually save money over what they’d spend on conventional lubricants changed at conventional drain intervals.

*Example  Conventional motor oils should be changed at approximately 6,000 mile intervals. Popular conventional motor oils cost approximately $2.00 a quart.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils (excluding the XL motor oils) may be used for intervals of 25,000 miles or one year whichever comes first. AMSOIL ATM, AMO and ASL cost $7.05 a quart (U.S. pricing). Become a Preferred Customer and save even more!

Know the Facts - AMSOIL Saves You Money! See the cost comparison chart
AMSOIL extended drain intervals means fewer oil changes, long term savings and convenience. Even if you drive only 12,000 miles per year, the cost for AMSOIL motor oil is less than you pay for petroleum oil now! And you still get better wear protection, lower engine temperatures, improved fuel efficiency and easier cold-weather starts. All of these benefits add up to reduced operating costs and longer engine life. Change your oil and filter today and in 12 months change the oil and filter again. That’s it! What could be more convenient and good for your vehicle, too?

This doesn’t even take into account fuel economy savings. The time saved through extended drain intervals is valuable, too. After all, how much is it worth to you to spend time off doing something you enjoy rather than changing motor oil?

Those who use AMSOIL EAA Air Filters also save over what they’d spend on conventional air filters.

Conventional Air filters should be changed at 15,000 to 30,000 mile intervals, depending on service. A conventional air filter may cost $14.00. AMSOIL EAA air filters are guaranteed 100,000 mile or 4 years. The EAA129 AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Air Filter costs approximately $34.15 (U.S. pricing).

  • The cost of driving 30,000 to 60,000 miles with conventional filters (two filters):...............................................$28.00
  • The cost of driving 100,000 miles with the AMSOIL EAA129 good for 100,000 miles or 4 years (gently blow clean at 25,000 miles/1year)..........$34.15
    Savings: ........................................................$42.00+

    Savings increase by $14 increments each time the purchase of a new conventional filter is avoided by reuse of the AMSOIL EAA Air Filter.

    Motorists who use the AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Oil Filter (EAO) also save money over what they’d spend on conventional oil filters.

    Conventional oil filters should be changed at approximately 6000 miles intervals. Conventional oil filters cost about $7.00.

    AMSOIL EAO Filters may be used for 25,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first. The AMSOIL EAO-24 Filter costs $15.75 (U.S. pricing).

  • The cost of driving 25,000 miles with a conventional filter:.........................$28.00
  • The cost of driving 25,000 miles with an AMSOIL EAO-24: ...........................$15.75
    Savings: ................................................................$12.25
    *See example 1 for the cost of labor for an oil and filter change.


  • OIL.............$64.75
  • OIL FILTER......$64.75
  • AIR FILTER......$42.00+

*Contact us for a price quote now PRICE QUOTE please include year, model & engine size.

AMSOIL products perform at a level far superior to the performance levels specified by industry standards.

Fact: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils Save You Money!

The bottom line is your getting a superior product for a lower overall cost while saving yourself time, money and increasing the performance and life of your engine!

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